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About Us

Boke Precise Molding Technology Co., Ltd.

We specialized in:
Complicated mechanical parts fabricate,OEM/ODM service
3D Printing service
Sheet metal parts manufacturing
CNC parts fabrication
Plastic mold and silicone mold
Mold making of aluminum, copper, stainless steel, etc.
BOKE Equipment Assurance:
5 Axis and 4 Axis CNC machining center
Professional 3D printing workshop
Laser cutting, sheet metal, bending equipment
Professional metal mold manufacturing workshop
Complete post-processing supplier, anodizing, powder coating, paint, etc.
VMS/CMM quality control system
BOKE Action To Customers Inquiry:
Reply your inquiry while we got within 15 minutes on working day.
Provide quote with relative items
Offer some reasonable advise for reference
Offer well arranged after sales service
BOKE Core Philosophy:
Always on your position with our heart for customers throughout the world!
Always be your trusted partner on the way!

    Common raw materials:

Aluminum alloy categories: AL6061 AL6063, AL7075, AL5083, AL5052, AL2024. The A380, ADC12.
Copper alloy: C11000,brass,bronze
Stainless steel: SS303,SS304,17-4,SS316, ss316l.ss430
Titanium alloy: Ta1,Ta2,Tc4
Plastic categories: ABS, PMMA, POM, PP, nylon, PC, SILICON, PEEK. The Accura Xtreme ™ White 200.
Other: zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, wood.

Product material proportion

Aluminum parts (50%)
Stainless steel parts - 30%
Plastic parts - 10%
Other metal - 10%


USA Customer Site Negotiation

USA Customer Site Negotiation



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